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Ensuring Protection with Fire Risk Assessment in Wandsworth

Are you looking for a reliable source offering complete help in fire risk assessment in Wandsworth? Escape Fire Risk Ltd can be your perfect match. We are one of the most prominent sources, having a team of expert fire risk officers and modern-day tools. With the help of proper equipment, our fire risk assessment task becomes much easier.


To protect your property from fire hazards, you must go the extra step and connect with a professional. They have years of experience in fire risk assessment in Wandsworth and can ease the task for you. That’s where our team at Escape Fire Risk Ltd can come to your help.

Along with checking the fire compliance requirements, our team can provide you with ideas for vital reforms. You will get a complete report in which we will mention the vital observations regarding fire safety. This helps you provide complete protection to your residential or commercial property.

What's Included in a Fire Risk Assessment?

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Hazard Identification

We conduct a thorough evaluation of your premises to identify potential fire hazards, such as faulty electrical systems, flammable materials, inadequate storage practices, or blocked escape routes.

Risk Evaluation

Our experts assess the likelihood of a fire occurring and determine the potential impact on people, assets, and the environment. We consider factors such as occupancy, building structure, and existing fire safety measures.

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Fire Safety Measures

We review your current fire safety measures, including fire alarms, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, and sprinkler systems, to ensure they meet the required standards and are properly maintained.

Escape Routes and Emergency Planning

Our assessment includes an evaluation of escape routes, signage, and emergency procedures. We provide recommendations for improving evacuation plans, ensuring the swift and safe exit of occupants in case of a fire.

Fire Safety Training

We emphasize the importance of educating your staff or occupants about fire safety protocols. Our assessment highlights the need for training programs to raise awareness, enhance preparedness, and promote a proactive fire safety culture.


Fire Safety Act - addendum

Fire Safety in Purpose Built Blocks of Flats

Animal Premises and Stables

Open Air Events and Venues

Transport Premises and Facilities

Residential Care Premises

Cinemas, Theatres and Similar Premises

Factories and Warehouses

Large Places of Assembly

Factories and Warehouses

Small and Medium Places of Assembly

Educational Premises

Offices and Shops

LACORS (Certain Types of Existing Housing)


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