Fire Risk Assessment

What are the Common Fire Risk Assessment Mistakes to Avoid?

Fire risk assessment plays an integral role in protecting lives and properties. It ensures the well-being and safety of homeowners, employees, and customers. A well-crafted fire safety plan plays a great hand in saving lives and minimising property damage during sudden fire outbreaks. However, there are certain fire risk assessment mistakes that most individuals make. The consequences of these flaws can be devastating. The professionals offering fire risk assessment in Westminster can make you aware of these mistakes.

5 Most Prevalent Mistakes in Fire Risk Assessment

Below is a list of some common mistakes in fire risk assessment. Let’s have a look:

a) Improper fire safety training:

If the employees of a particular site aren’t trained, creating a full-fledged fire safety plan holds no ground. When there is a lack of adequate training, it will result in confusion, panic, and unsafe actions. The employees must undergo regular training sessions to get acquainted with evacuation methods, the actual implementation of firefighting accessories, and general safety guidelines.

b) Overlooking fire detection system:

When it comes to fire risk assessment, not paying attention to testing and maintenance of suppression and fire detection systems is a severe mistake. There is a need for regular inspection of fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, etc. It ensures their proper functioning under all circumstances. If the fire detection system doesn’t work properly, it will hamper the safety of individuals.

c) Neglecting risk assessment updates:

Risk assessments demand regular updates. But, most organisations think that a one-time evaluation is enough. With the alterations in the work environment, new risks arise, and new guidelines come to the forefront. In such instances, an outdated fire risk assessment will be a liability.

d) Disregarding comprehensive hazard identification:

Many organisations fail to identify the possible fire hazards in a particular setting. This mistake isn’t desirable and can lead to major disruptions and accidents. Usually, hazards vary between industries and the work environment. Hence, companies need to develop a checklist to ensure all potential hazards are identified during the assessment.

e) Inaccurate documentation:

This is another common mistake associated with fire risk assessment. Insufficient records may result in safety and legal problems over time. It’s important for companies to incorporate a structured approach to document method statements and risk assessments. The organisations must ensure that all the critical findings are easily accessible to the concerned personnel.

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